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Infertility, Infertility Treatment, IUI, IVF, Fertility Specialist, I can't get pregnant


The infertility roller coaster can be exhausting and isolating.  It's not easy to be infertile in a fertile world. 

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Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, Still Birth, I lost my baby

Pregnancy Loss

After the joy of learning that you are pregnant, finding out that you lost the baby is a crushing blow. It's made harder in a world that wants to you "get over it."

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Infant Death, Newborn Death, Still Birth, My Baby Died

Infant Death

The death of your baby is devastating beyond words. The world no longer makes sense. At times you feel like you are stuck in a nightmare. 

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You are not alone. Help is available.

This page was created by Erin Jameson Saltzburg, LCSW to provide information and resources to women coping with infertility, pregnancy loss and neonatal and infant death. Erin is a reproductive and maternal mental health and loss specialist located in Exton, Pennsylvania, and can be reached by a secure form using the "Request An Appointment" tab, by email at,by phone at 484.879.4292 or via her website,